Link these calendars to your personal one

Whether you use Google Calendar, or any other ICAL supporting calendar system, you can link to any of these calendars you like. Simply use the following addresses when prompted in order to add them to your system.

For Google Calendars, simply open up "Other Calendars" and enter the following address in the field to add a friend's calendar.

DEC Meetings

Program Quality Events

Advanced Club Meetings

Club Special Events

Quickly filter for your event types: click the inverted triangle icon in the upper right corner of the calendar for a listing of sub calendars.

You may also switch to a Monthly or Weekly calendar view. Click on an event to see details for that event.

Annual Club Calendar

Downloadable 2017 Calendar Coming Soon

Annual DEC Calendar

Downloadable 2017 Calendar Coming Soon

Adding a Calendar Entry

To request entries to be added to the District 62 calendar, send a meeting invitation to Alternatively, send an email fully describing the event to that address. Either way, please ensure you denote arrival time for registration (when applicable) versus program start time, and also provide in the description contact information for those with questions.

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