District 62 Conferences

Our district holds 2 conferences each year. One in the fall, and another in the spring. Conferences are packed with educational sessions, networking, and member recognition. They are also a key opporutinity to have your voice heard at our business meeting. In the Toastmasters International spirit of learn by doing, they also offer great opportunity to improve and demonstrate your skills in the dozens of volunteer opportunities available.

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Visit shop.62toast.com to register for upcoming conferences. If registering 2 or more people, please purchase them seperately so that we capture the different names and other options.

Spring Conferences

The core purpose of the Spring Conference to elect your incoming district directors. Your participation helps ensure we have quarem and to help energize your incoming directors for their term starting on July 1st. Elected positions include your District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, and each Division Director. The remaining district executive committee members (such as Administration Manager, Public Relations Manager, and Area Directors) are then appointed by the incoming District Director.

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Fall Conferences

The core purpose of the Fall Conference is to approve the budget for the current Toastmasters fiscal year (July 1st - June 30th) as well as recognize the many accomplishments by our membership during the prior fiscal year.

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