C Division Director

Michael Elmore, ACB, ALB

Area 20 Director

W Division Director

Area 8 Director

Finance Manager

Randy Snow, ACS, ALB

Area 14 Director

Karen Newhouse, DTM

Area 21 Director

Area 1 Director

Area 15 Director

Area 18 Director

Immediate ​Past District Governor & Bookstore Manager

Newsletter Editor

Area 5 Director

C Division

Area 6 Director

N Division

Area 9 Director

Area 2 Director


Area 12 Director

Area 10 Director

S Division

Area 19 Director

Club Extension Chair

Area 13 Director

leadership team

S Division Director

Lisa Waalkes, DTM

Public Relations Manager

Area 11 Director

E Division Director

Club Growth Director


District Trio

Area 3 Director

Program Quality Director

Area 17 Director

W Division

Sharon Darby, DTM

Area 7 Director

Area 4 Director

E Division

Administration Manager


Area 16 Director

District Director

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N Division Director