Laura St. Louis, CC, ALB

C Division Director



Faith Cooper, DTM

Area 20 Director

W Division Director

Amy Smendik

Area 8 Director

Walter Turner

Finance Manager

Sharon Darby, DTM 

Area 14 Director

Helen Dotson, DTM

Area 21 Director

Stephanie Elandt

Stephanie Cantin, CC, ALB


Area 1 Director

Area 15 Director

Area 18 Director

Immediate ​Past District Governor


Area 5 Director

Joy Archer, ACB, CL


C Division

Area 6 Director

N Division


Area 9 Director

Area 2 Director


Area 12 Director

Karen Newhouse, DTM

Abe Garcia

Lee-Perry Belleau

Avar Laws-Wright, CC, CL

Rich Marr, ACS, ALB

Area 10 Director

S Division

Area 22 Director

Jim Matthews, ACB, ALB

Area 19 Director

Club Extension Chair

Area 13 Director

leadership team

Olena Bordeaux, CC

S Division Director

Spencer VanRoekel, ACB, ALB

Public Relations Manager

Area 11 Director

Jennifer Kasul

E Division Director

Club Growth Director

Welcome Letter

Joslyn Chulski, CC, ALB

District Trio

Area 3 Director

Program Quality Director

Welcome Letter

Area 17 Director

W Division

Bryan Garfoot, DTM

Area 7 Director

Natalie Garcia, CC

Area 4 Director

E Division

Megan Cogswell

Aaron Templeton, DTM

Rachael Bulock

Whitney Mitchell, CC, ALB


Doug Brinker, ACS, ALB

Administration Manager

Dennis Jackson, CL


Jim Graczyk, ACS, CL

Area 16 Director

Bhanu Singh, ACB, ALB

Elaine Warakomski

District Director

Welcome Letter

Kyle Koenigsknecht, ACB

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N Division Director