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Doug Brinker

Best Work of Life

Putting the 'C' Back into Customer Service

Volunteerism: The Art of Giving Back

Are You Part of the Problem or the Solution: A Guide to Community Involvement

Throwing in the Towel -- It's Simply Not Worth It

Apheresis: The Unknown Word


Jan Glowe-Janke

Know Your Why

Your Power Is in 'The Gap'

Everybody Has a Message. What's Yours?

Shine Your Light

Big Rocks and Pearls

Listen to Connect

Take Really Good Care of You

Life's Tough -- Get a Helmet!

Loons, Laughter, and Other Sweet Stuff


Allen S. Hight

America -- WAKE UP!


Cheryl Ketchens

Women Who Survive, Thrive -- Ten Essential Caregiver Survival Tips

Youth Job Readiness Training Classes


Arlene Knickerbocker

What is Your Communication Producing?

Writing and Speaking with the Brain in Mind

The Positive Potential of Words

Clutter Control

12 Ways to Make Your Words Count


Rod Malloy

Oh, Yes We Can

How Jackson of You!

Toastmasters 2020

Collective Impact -- Instrument of Change for You and Your Community


Randy Snow

Iconic Figures in Football


Gridiron Integration: African-American Triumphs and Struggles for

Equality in Football

Pro Football Leagues: Past, Present, and Future

History of Football 101


Noah Nagy

Turning Points

You Got It, Share It

Thought 1


Tom Crane

Don't Look Around You, Look Inside You

Everyone Communicates but Few Connect

Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying