Greetings from the District 62 Toastmasters Speakers Bureau!

Toastmasters International is a world leader in developing leaders and speakers. District 62 Toastmasters, serving most of Michigan, is proud to offer the services of our talented speakers to our local communities through the District 62 Toastmasters Speakers Bureau. Our presenters include:

  • Professional Coaches
  • Business Consultants
  • Authors
  • Subject Experts
  • Storytellers

We have a quality speaker to make your event memorable!

Using the Speaker Directory

Our Speaker Directory page lists the speakers and their available presentations. If you have specific questions regarding a presentation, we encourage you to contact our speakers directly.

Arranging for a Speaker

To schedule a speaker, you may either:

When scheduling your speaker, please include the following information in your correspondence:

  • Your organization’s name
  • Contact person
  • Contact phone number
  • Contact e-mail address
  • Date, time and location of the proposed speaking engagement

Please note that Toastmasters International does not endorse any organization or cause. All speakers present their own views and expertise in their speeches. Speakers may use a few brief moments of their speaking time to share about a service they offer, as well as, share their experience as Toastmasters.

Speaker Fees

Speakers are often willing to travel to your location, and an honorarium to cover their travel and meal expenses will be welcome. Some of the members listed speak professionally and are available for your engagement on a fee basis. The Speakers Bureau does not become involved in the scheduling of paid engagements, and when scheduling these events, arrangements will have to be made directly with the speaker.

Contacting the Speakers Bureau

For more information about the Speakers Bureau, see our Promotional Brochure. For any questions, you may reach the Speakers Bureau team via e-mail at: